ZnPos 2.18


Introducing a ZnPos system for Windows. 
It will help you by: 
1. Lightning fast customers checkout 
2. Elegant and fast invoicing that can be printed or emailed to your clients 
3. Know how much stock you have and when you need to order new stock 
4. Fast purchase order generation that can be emailed to suppliers instantly 
5. Identify your dead stock to enable you to deal with it 
6. Identify your near expiry stock and sell before it expires 
7. Identify your busy periods by month, week, day, day of the week and even hour of the day 
8. Compare your sales by year, month, week, day or even day of week 
9. Help you to allocate staff hours efficiently thus saving you thousands $$$ 
10. Always have the right stock, so no over stocking that tie up your cash, or under stocking to lose customers to your competitors 
11. Collect your money on time by sending email reminders and statements to clients 
12. Cut down your accountant bills by providing your accountant with precise information 
13. Identify your good staff and reward them to help boost your sales 
14. Process credit card on the net saving you line rentals and expensive operator mistakes 
15. Generate more sales using the built in emailing to send promotions to existing clients 
16. Cut down drastically on your work hours and spend it instead with family and friends 
17. Know your business financial position at any time with the press of a button 
18. Barcode your stock to help eliminate errors and speed up the sales process 
19. Combine different part numbers for the same stock under one code 
20. Order stock from your suppliers using their own part numbers and much more....